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*Kid from Kansas

For 20-somethings, by 20-somethings

This website is a platform, a platform for the 20-somethings. As a 20-something we constantly get advice from people older than us. This advice is valuable, but what about our voice? What about hearing from people who are navigating the complexities of the years in their 20s with you?

That’s what Kid from Kansas encompasses – the voices of two 20-somethings, speaking specifically for the 20-somethings.

We don’t have life completely figured out, not in the slightest. But we’re living it with you, and going through the same ups, downs, trials, and tribulations as you are. While here find guidance and support in our blogs, recommendations on quality reads, music, and media, and creative ways to extend a helping hand in our communities.

Grow, connect, spread positivity, and enjoy!